Beast From the East Emergency Roofing

The Beast from the East will have caused lots of damage to many roofs in Dublin and Ireland over the past few days. 
But don’t worry, Irish Roofers are geared up and ready to respond to your roofing needs and roof damage repair. 
In the coming days as the accumulated snow melts, it is important to check your property for any roof and gutter damage caused by the storms heavy snow. 
Flat roofs and gutters are particularly pron to damage from heavy snow as the weight bares down and lingers on the surface. This can lead to Gutters breating and bowing, and flat roofs leaking etc.

Its important to call a roofing professinoal once you have spoted an potential issue, the roofing damage can be sorted out through insurance in some cases. 

Please dont hesitate to contact Irish Roofers if you have any roof or gutter emergency issues in the coming days.

The Beast From The East Roofing
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