Copper and Lead Roofing

Irish Roofers also specialize in the copper valley flashing’s, chimney flashing’s and many other copper flashing’s to restore tile and slate roofs.
We are specialists in the replacement of worn-out flashing, and underlay in restoring older roofs to their original integrity.

This work is usually needed on slate and tile roofs over 50 years old. Our skilled roofing tradesmen fabricate and install copper flashing to match original architectural designs for historic roof restorations.

We provide our roofing systems to construction, domestic, industrial, and commercial areas. Copper and lead are long-lasting and perfect materials for your roof. We can install and repair all types of roofs and valleys with completely new replacements, repairs, and installations. We are specialists in lead and copper roofing systems who will consistently deliver an exceptionally high standard of workmanship to every project.  

Copper roofing has many benefits these include:

  • Lightweight material  

  • Attractive roofing material  

  • Copper material is efficient. Once installed it can help control heating and cooling costs 

  • Copper is durable, strong, and long-lasting.  

Lead roofing benefits include:

  • Lead is a flexible material which can be stretched around areas that are tricky 

  • Lead can expand and contract depending on the temperature  

  • It is a quality material that can last at least 3 times longer that other materials 

  • It is resilient and extremely strong  

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