Professional Asbestos Roof Removal Services

Irish Roofers provide a safe and reliable asbestos roof removal service in Dublin. We cover Dublin and its surrounding areas. Our team is committed to the safe removal of asbestos and carried out to the highest standards possible. We offer a complete removal service adhering to the highest safety protocols. Our contracting company specialise in the removal of asbestos from roofs and re-roofing with a friendly material. 

Asbestos is a natural mineral made up of long thin fibres and was commonly used in construction and roofing for acoustic insulator, fire proofing, and thermal insulation. Asbestos is no longer used in construction. It is highly dangerous and if it is broken it will give off toxic asbestos dust and increased health issues.  

Asbestos removal can be a complex job, but we strive to ensure all our work is carried out in a highly efficient manner tailored completely to your needs including stage by stage removal and relaying. All our team is fully insured and qualified for removal, collection, and transport of the asbestos material in accordance with health, safety, and environmental regulations.  

All our working team wears respiratory protective equipment and protective clothing whilst working with asbestos. All equipment is the most modern and the latest available and is maintained and tested on a regular basis.

Our asbestos removal service includes:

  • The removal of all asbestos from your roof  
  • Project strategy and detailed survey  
  • Replacement with friendly material  
  • Disposal of all asbestos material safely and according to the regulations  
If you require asbestos removal service, please get in touch with us at Irish Roofers today.  
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