Flat Roof Warm Insulation Systems Dublin

Flat roof warm insulation is a cost-effective and easy way to insulate your home. Irish Roofers specialises in warm roof insulation in Dublin. A warm roofing system has become increasingly popular in recent years for both refurb and new home build projects. Our warm insulation roofs service in Dublin is an excellent and highly effective insulation option for your flat roof. Flat roof insulation is the cheapest insulation method but will have the biggest impact on your home. Adequately insulating your roof will help save you money on the costs of heating the home and it will also increase the BER rating of your property. We have insulated many properties in Dublin. Arrange a quote and consultation with us today to discuss your requirements for your home.  

Warm Roof Insulation

The warm roof insulation method is the placement of insulation material on top of your roof construction. Layers of insulation will be put below the waterproof membrane and above the rafters. Insulation is the easiest way to keep your home warm and is suited to install on asphalt, steel, and concrete roofs. The dew point is on the building exterior will mean there will be no damp, rotten, or moistened material on the inside. 

Benefits of warm roof insulation

  • A warm flat roof holds the heat and temperature inside. Warm roofs are far more efficient than cold roofs.
  • Warm flat roofing regulates the interior temperature by insulating the heat inside and lowering the heat loss.
  • A retrofit warm roof is available very easily increasing the energy efficiency of the roof. Most roofs will create warmth without the need for a replacement to a completely new one.
  • Insulation provides a breathing property to your roof allowing moisture to escape. This will reduce the moisture in the property which may result in fungus and mould build-up.

Contact us if you need any further information on flat roof warm insulation. All our installations are completed by our approved, experienced, and trained installers. Give us a call today for a no-obligation quote.  

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