New Slate Roof South Circular Road Dublin

This is a good example of Irish Roofers striping a slate roof in South Circular Road, Dublin in August 2017.
We began, as always with a roof repair project, by making the site safe and secure for both the public and the Irish Roofers staff. Using secured scaffolding, planks and ladders to get us to the required required height to start working on the slate roof itself.
We then carefully removed the old and damaged roof slates and disposed of the waste. We then checked the existing roof joists to be sure that they were in good condition. When the survey was complete we fixed a few miner joist issues. Then it was on to roof insulation, because this was an old house their was no insulation in the roof. While the slates were off the roof, we had an idel opportunity to bring the old house up to modern Irish heating standards.
We then added the breathable membrane and roofing battens. It is essential to be accurate with the placement of roof battens as the roof slates need to be attached to them.

With the new roof well underway, we installed some new Velux windows and flashing. After fixing the Flashing around chimney stacks at adjoining terraced houses. We added the new matching roof slates to the roof and finished the top with new Combing Slates.

Then we finished out the fascia and soffits, and added new gutters and down pipes to finish this roofing job in style.
And Bingo! its another happy customer for Irish Roofers.


Irish Roofers New Slate Roof
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