Slate Roofing

Natural slate roof is a dense fine-grained metamorphic rock produced by the compression of various sediments (such as clay or shale) that can be easily divided into thin pieces.

It is frequently grey in color, especially when seen en mass covering roofs. However, slate occurs in a variety of colors even from a single locality.

Natural slate is probably the best roofing material in the world.  Not only is it good quality, but it will outlast other roofing materials. When fitted properly it can outlive the lifetime of its building. The market for second hand slates proves this. It retains its color and although it may weather with age, it will not fade.

It is an age where there is great concern over the environment and climate change. It is up to each and everyone of us to help reduce this impact. One of the ways to do this is to select materials with the lowest overall contribution to emissions and environmental impact. Natural slate requires only minimal processing, has the lowest embodied energy of all the roofing materials. This makes natural slate an environmentally sound product and an economical choice for your roof.

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